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UK Release :- 1996
25 Records (25F 010)
'OFF' Compliation
One Track
'Whole World'

Germany Release :- 1996
Black Pearl Records (BP005)
7" Vinyl   3 Tracks
'Whole World'
'The Story Is Always The Same'
'Whole World Karaoke'

Spain Release :- 1996
Plastic Disc Records (PDCD 09)
A Slice Of Humble Pie
5 Track CD
'My Personal Drug'
'Let Go'
'Many Times'
'The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again'
'All For Nothing'

Spain Release :- 1998
Plastic Disc Records (PDCD 20)
Plastic Disc Sampler CD
One Track
'Let Go'

USA Release :- 1996
Low Voltage Records
'Trestle Set' Compilation
Cassette Only
One track
'Many Times'

Germany Release :- 2009
Firestation Records (FST 082)
Tunes For Saturday Boys.
20 Tracks on CD
(10 studio tracks and 10 live tracks)

Japan Release :- 2013
TKO New Music Corporation
Best of Firestation Records
2 Tracks
'Let Go', The Green Eyed  Monster Strikes Again'.

Germany Release :- 2013
Firestation Records (FST100)
15 Years of Firestation
2 Tracks
'Summertime', 'Through The Park'.






The Ferrymen also recorded 4 demos in the early 1990's. The first 2 were really bad. One of which Wayne gave to Billy Bragg and he probably threw it straight into the bin. Yes it was that bad.
The second 2 were much better and a few of the tracks actually made it onto the CD 'A Slice Of Humble Pie'.