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Things They Said

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"You'll never learn to play those guitars"
  Mates parents (early days)
"This band play much better than they look"
  York Newspaper
"Turn it down a bit please"
  Landlord Cross keys York
"Turn it up"
  Landlord Little Un
"That was w**k"
  Metal fan at Retford
"You're the best band they have had here"
  Girl at Caernarfon gig
"Wow the spirit of The Housemartins lives on"
  Dave T (Wake Up)
"I've seen loads of bands play here and it is the first time I have seen anyone dance as soon as the first note is played" Guy in crowd Corp taps Doncaster
"They're crap these" Barman Sheffield
"Whole World is an outstanding cut,why these guys haven't earned themselves a contract with an indie label defies logic, it's everything a pop (never mind northern pop) song should be" Scooterscene Magazine
"Brilliant, best band we have had here, you'd knock 'em dead if you played at the weekend" Barman Bangor
"I've heard they are rhubarb"
  Elderly doorman Bentley Top Club
"It's the most fun they have had here since VE day"
  Promoter Top Club
"Off it's face"
  Keith C, Ferrymen driver after all good gigs.
"Could you have five minutes break so we could get the quiz going" Barman South Elmsall
"I've never heard such a row in my life"
  Elderly woman overheard in Toilets Whitby       
"What kind of music is that then? it's good, I'll come and see you again" 
Guy at little Un                                                
"We've heard The Ferrymen are anti-facists, If they play your pub tonight we will burn it down"  Phone call from BNP to   Saracens Head
"Who do you think you are kidding Mr Hitler"
  Dave W, friend of band after hearing about it.
"All that remains to be seen is when The Ferrymen play their first Southern gig and sign a recording contract that will take them into the charts"  Mark S, Scootering Mag
"You sound like Deacon Blue"
  Girl in Audience Bangor
"Aargh, yer b*****d"
Jono after falling off a table on stage Sheffield
"The Ferrymen? I did read their fanzine and I did respect them because they wore the best trainers in the whole festival."
Atilla @ Womblestock '96
"Is that Paul Wellar? They sound like The Jam"
  Guy in audience Grimethorpe
"They sound like The Pet Shop Boys"
  Guy overheard in Toilets Grimethorpe
"Working Class Heroes"
  Doncaster Free Press
"This is Germany, Not L.A"
  Michael W (Tour Manager ) after being asked if the gear would be safe in the van
"What are you doing wasting your time in a pub like this" Girl at Bangor gig
"You are only the second band to fill this"  
  Landlord Corp Taps
"I can't hear the bass" 
  Matty at every gig
"I'm not a polar bear"
  Andy H (Ferrymen Ultras)
"You get a lot of girls at your gigs"
   Cuckooland drummer  Leopard Doncaster
"Yeah, they all come  to see me"
  Nathan Ferrymen trumpet player
 "To see Nathan? Yeah right!"
   Every girl we asked, to see if it was true
"To be honest I thought it would be crap, so I went home" Jordi R (Plastic Disc Records) The day after one of the best ever Ferrymen gigs in Taragona
"The Ferrymen are definitely a breath of fresh air in todays stagnating music scene"  Scootering Mag
"Ladies and gentlemen.... The greatest band in the world.... Couldn't make it tonight, so we have got The Ferrymen"  Mik L introducing at The Jug
"If Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson really believe the best things in life are free, Why are they such money grabbing b******s?" Mr Wayne on stage.
"Very individual and refreshingly energetic"
   Bradford Star
"Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole, Sporting Gijon"
  Crowd in Aviles after Wayne asked what football team they supported
"We've sold more demos in our village than 2-Unlimited have sold records, so we're number one in our village"  Mr Wayne on stage South Elmsall
"Wayne's vocals sound almost identical to Paul Heatons, plus the music's a not disimilar upbeat infectious guitar pop"  Dave T (WakeUp)
"When Lenin lead the revolution in Moscow, no way did he do it with a spotless bot" Rick Mayall (Young Ones)
" All the bands that have made it big started here"   Bouncer at Metropole Whitby
"I never"
  Michael Jackson
"Oh...That was quite good, I thought it would be s**t"
  Dave Revill (sound engineer) after hearing 'Life could be a dream' acapella
"Don't give up your day jobs"
  Bald yuppie Bradford
"We can get better, but you will always be bald"
  Mr Wayne in reply
"When you first arrived, we thought you were the bouncers" Bassist Cuckooland Womblestock '94
"We have never heard anything like you before, It's good"
  2 American girls at York gig
"Putas, boooooooo"
  Crowd in Barcelona after Wayne dedicated the next song to Real Madrid
"Total Silence"
  After Wayne did a flamenco guitar solo at Bikini Barcelona
"I reckon you would have liked that one if we had long hair and growled a bit more in the vocals" 
 Mr Wayne to a group of rockers Leeds
"What a load of s**t"   Rocker Goole
"I had to drive over from Berlin so my kids could see you play live. They play your CD at home all the time and they can't get in the venue in Berlin"
  Woman with 2 very young boys at Paderborn gig
"It sounds like Morrissey"   Guy listening to second demo
"Is dis dat der London? Not very big is it?" 
  Bobby Chariot (Mik L) To numerous Londoners
  Numerous Londoners#
"It's the first time I have ever seen anyone dance here on a Thursday night"  Landlord Corp Taps
"Super band"
  Stage invader Barnsley
"F**k Off yer tory b******s"
  Mik L to numerous consevative looking boaters along The Broads from Womblestock boat 1994
"Ooh En Ferrymen, Say Ooh En Ferrymen"
  Ferrymen Ultras at loads of gigs