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All songs copyright The Ferrymen 1991-1995

Thank You For Saving The World
Young boy from Illinois, he fought in Vietnam
He made his family proud, especially Uncle Sam
Even in early days, he'd check under the bed
Though they were never there, the demons in the red
We've heard it, all before
The stories, the glories
Are such a bore
Thank you for saving the world
Thank you for making things right
Thank you for saving the world
I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight
Rock star from Omaha he played on MTV
He'd heard the song about money and chicks for free
He says I owe it all to the home of the brave
Although his ancestors were brought across as slaves
They tell us they won the war
And sealed Hitlers fate
But in truth my grandma says
The yankies joined too late
Prom queen from in between Baltimore and New York
Soon moved to Hollywood with fame on the cat walk
She said I love this land it made me what I am
A blue eyed barbie doll the dream of every man
(Last verse to the tune of Americanos by Holly Johnson)
Americanos, junkies and weirdos
Xenophobic large egos
Bullshit false heroes
In the land of the free
You can buy what you want to be

Picking Up Pebbles
Please sir could you tell me if you would be so brave
If you had to follow the orders which you gave
Would you be a hero in the battle field
If we could disarm you and strip away your shield
Picking up pebbles on the shore
Watching our brothers go to war
It's just the same as before
Wealth is defended by the poor
Mother could you tell me just what do you see
Your eldest son in uniform, do you disagree
Will he be your hero in the battle field
Will he still return home when his wounds have healed
Well the rich they get rich, the poor get poorer still
You kill in his name but is this your gods will
And say you love your country, does your country care
If this is your land, where's your equal share

Whole World
You give me joy you make me cry
I feel that I could touch the sky
I think about you all the time
And talk about you like you're mine
I first saw you when I was young
Now look what you've gone and done
A love from deep in my heart
I know that we'll never part
'Cos you mean the whole world to me
You mean the whole world to me
When I am with you I feel fine
Sweeter than the sweetest wine
I have your picture on my wall
I pray that you never fall
When you're at home I'm always with you
When you're away I try to give you
All the support you need to win
I've got you underneath me skin
I would go anywhere to be with you
Although you don't really care
I'll always be with you through wind and through rain
'Cos yours are the colours I wear

Walk Out With Me
A way to help yourself step through the door
He gets by because he's got much more
Paint your ship royal blue is what he said
But they went out and painted theirs bright red
So walk out with me x2
Take a walk with me down by the sea
I'll show you how strong we can be
Take a walk and more, a stroll along the shore
I'll give you more hope than before
He'll drag you like a fish onto the bank
He owns the ship and makes them walk the plank
So mutiny is what the ship mates did
And sent him down to rot with Captain Kidd

Take You In Our Sleep
The first time I saw you, you were standing there with a sparkle in your eye.
Next time I saw you it was down the docks and you were watching the ships go by.
Third time I saw in the factory yard on the day the union died.
The fourth time I saw you it was on TV and I know if only we had tried.
We'd take you in our sleep x4
Yes I know for sure.
From the early morning to the late at night and all that's in between.
From London town to a Yorkshire frown right up to Aberdeen.
In the local pub with the ready rub disappointment's washed away.
But if they cared for just one day I would not have to say.
We'd take you in our sleep x4
yes I know for sure  
Some you win and some you lose
And some end in between
Some the fall in love with themselves and some a football team.
All some care about is face
Some the final score
But if they cared for just one day I know one thing's for sure.

All For Nothing
Sometimes when I'm alone I think of things you say
And wonder do you care at all
I don't mind wondering but still I'd like to know
Why you make me feel so small
It's not that I want to be better than you
No it's not like that at all
It's all for nothing 
All for nothing no gain
She knows it's all for nothing
All for nothing just pain
And down the road in another part of town
Someone else thinks the same
An empty pocket a broken down car
Is standing rusting in the rain
It's not that he wants to be better than her
But he can't find no one to blame
And the rain comes down

The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again
If, If you should
If you should feel alone
Don't ever cry, your tears will turn to stone
And if, if your dreams are way up in the sky
You'll never know if you never try
And when you're feeling lonely
When you're feeling blue
When the grass seems green for them
But never green for you
You've got to pick yourself up off the floor
And take a grip of life and find out what's instore
You're glass is never half full
Though you're the one to blame
And here's the latest news flash
The green eyed monster strikes again
Here today
And if, if you're sure of all you can achieve
Don't ever sigh if you still believe
And if. if you think that they get all the luck
You'll never know if you always duck
And when the stars all shine at night
A time when dreams come true
The lights always seem bright for them
But never bright for you
So have a drink on me
Their success wont get me down
No jealousy
Green eyes he wont come around

Bluest Sea
No winter time they never see the snow
No hurricanes or tornados
Mountains, valleys, plains, the bluest sea
It sounds like paradise to me
It's got everything the whole world needs
But now the garden's overgrown with weeds
So beautiful apart from the hate
They left all compassion at the gate
I hear them cry
I've seen them die