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Whole World (7" vinyl)
UN-BE-LIE-VE-A-BLE ! sounds exactly like The Housemartins, so expect excellent and fast old school jangle pop.
Best single this month.
Jorg Winzer ( Mind The Gap. Germany)

Demo Review
Latest demo from the Doncaster based purveyors of high quality Northern Pop consists of three tracks. Last time we heard from them, there were five of them, now there is seven of them, Jennie has come in on vocals to add an extra dimension, on trumpet they have aquired Nathan who blows on about half of all The Ferrymen's songs, bringing more depth to their Northern Pop sound.
The demo opens with 'Many Times' which sees Jennie share lead vocals with Wayne. It possesses all the qualities to go all the way. The second track 'The Green Eyed Monster Strikes Again' with it's many tempo changes is another winner. Finally, 'Whole World' is dusted off and given a raw mix which makes this driving slab of pop even more significant. Why The Ferrymen are as yet unsigned remains a mystery.
Scooter Scene magazine

Demo Review
Blimey, the spirit of The Housemartins lives on!
I hate constantly refering to other bands when reviewing tapes, but if you have never heard of 'em before, you could do with some references, which are especially apt because Wayne's vocals sound almost identical to Paul Heaton's. Plus the music's not a disimilar upbeat infectious guitar pop.
They've also been compared to The Jam and Deacon Blue however, so there. Unashamedly proclaiming themselves 'Working class northern pop', in part a decloration of their politics and in part a two-fingered salute to the response they've had from press and promoters south of Watford. They're definitely ones to watch out for.
Wake Up fanzine

100 Club - London - 14 Sept 1995
Three bands were due to play and The Ferrymen were the first to take to the stage. With an entrance fee of 6, rain pouring down outside and a tube strike going on, we were surprised to see 250 people at the gig. The Ferrymen only played for just over half an hour but in my opinion it was one of the best sets I have ever seen them play and they left the stage to rapturous applause.
Bob D

Metropole - Whitby - 13 August 1995
The Ferrymen had played at this venue twice before and both gigs had been really good so we knew today would be no exception. Whitby was packed with tourists and day trippers because of the Regata celebrations and the venue was busy throughout the day which was a good sign. By the time The Ferrymen went on stage, a reasonable size crowd had gathered along with the bands followers. Throughout the gig everyone was dancing including some middle aged couples who insisted on waltzing to every song!
At the end of the night two soldiers got on stage and crooned a couple of songs Soldier Soldier style, although I'd doubt very much these two would ever get to the top of the charts. All in all a very enjoyable day.
Bob D

Demo Review
"There's only on F in Ferrymen" is this Doncaster band's slightly dubious catchphrase (think about it) but their latest demo tape also indicates there's a lot of  talent in The Ferrymen too. The tracks here are quite different to the bands previous recordings which were grittier.
This time round the band have opted for something lighter which sounds a little like The Beautiful South, and that isn't a criticism.
There is a good play off  between the male and female vocals on 'Many Times' which cleverly shows two sides of a relationship in the song, and the use of a trumpet solo certainly gives the track more depth. I liked the lyrics on 'Green-eyed Monster' which develops into a powerful tune.

Draycotts - Barnsley - 1st Oct 1992
On to an away gig with great anticipation. The sound check was professionally done for the first time on the tour and it clearly showed. The place was completely packed out right up to the stage. After 'New Years Revolution' a few new faces started dancing and the four lads in the far corner were clearly enjoying the show. This progressed to sheer all-out moshing as the songs passed right until the end when a new-comer got on stage doing a nutty boy dance to 'Kia-ora' followed by a giant conga line.
The same guy later took a tour poster and gave the band his full appreciation along with most, including the managemant.
Bob D

Diplomat Hotel - Bradford - 24 Sept 1992
What do you do with a rather rude man haranguing you from the audience while you are performing?
Mr Wayne from The Ferrymen, playing at Bradford's Diplomat Hotel last week, gave a lesson in what to do when someone heckles.
He just stepped forward and said " We can get better but you'll always be bald".
The band went on to give a very lively performance, very individual and refreshingly energetic, with their own songs thrown in with the likes of The Beautiful South and The Undertones.
The three piece band from Doncaster blasted their way through an enjoyable hour or so which showed they can write some damned good material and the concert certainly didn't leave me wondering why they've made a name for themselves in their home town. Good stuff indeed!
Bradford Star

Albert Inn - Caernarfon - 10 Oct 1992
Accross the English border for the first time into North Wales. The place seemed too small to hold live bands but by 9.30pm it was jammed to the roof with people climbing through the windows to see. The crowd seemed a little weary throughout the gig which left the atmosphere somewhat daunting. At the end of the night the management declared the band well received due to the crowd staying the whole gig (they usually leave once the band start playing). The management asked the band to return in the summer.
Bob D

Demo Review
This is the second demo tape from Doncaster based The Ferrymen. It was recorded earlier this year and consists of three tracks. The Ferrymen describe their sound as Northern Pop. Influences such as The Housemartins, The Smiths and Redskins are obvious but this band are certainly a breath of fresh air in  todays stagnating music scene. The first track is the upbeat 'The Story Is Always The Same', very reminiscent of The Housemartins and The Beautiful South. 'Through The Park' is a slower number, and closing this outstanding demo tape is 'All For Nothing' another upbeat cut. All three are very strong numbers, well worth the 2 asking price.
All being well these guys will be in a future edition - as for the demo tape, buy it!
Scootering Magazine

Demo Review
Believe it or not this demo tape is free, along with the latest issue of  'There's only one F in Ferrymen' fanzine. Just send an A5 SAE to ***************.
Both tracks are upbeat slabs of northern pop, which The ferrymen sound is described as. 'Whole World' is another outstanding cut, and why these guys (Sharons left now) haven't earned themselves a contract with an indie label defies logic. It's everything a pop (nevermind northern pop) song should be. Grab it while it's free.
Scooter Scene Magazine.