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What is Womblestock?.....
Dave T who wrote the brilliant fanzine 'Wake Up' decided that he would create his own festival with all his favourite bands on. So in the summer of 1994 Womblestock was created.
Why Womble?  
It is Dave's nick-name.
Who played?  
1994 - The Ferrymen obviously,  Attila the Stockbroker, Steve Drewitt of Newtown Neurotics fame, Cuckooland, The Price plus loads of solo artists and poets etc
1996 - The Ferrymen,  Attila, Steve Drewitt, Cuckooland, Blyth Power, Clownhouse, Robb Johnson, WOB, Men They Couldn't Hang and again loads of poets etc.
Where was it? 
Lowestoft in Dave's massive garden and house and on a boat along the Broads.


"The Ferrymen battled with the Reading contingent to see who had brought the loudest posse with them. The Ferrymen won it on the boat.
Cheers for being a totally brilliant bunch of people and for the ace acapella number."
Womble 1996
"The Ferrymen? I did read their fanzine and I did respect them because they wore the best trainers of the whole festival."
Atilla 1996

"Party 'til you puke?"  Mik and Mez (Ferrymen Ultras) certainly did.