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There's Only One F In Ferrymen

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"There's Only One F In Ferrymen" was the band-zine that was created to promote the band.  This was before the internet and web sites were around and the band needed to find a way of promoting themselves. The zine basically included reviews, cartoons, the famous 'Things They Said' section (some of which you can find on here), merchandise and press cuttings etc. The first one came out February '93 and the final one around November '95. There were 5 in all. If you have not got the title joke by now, don't ask.... And remember there was only one F in Ferrymen.

Number 1

The Ferrymen were asked by 25 Records  to give a description of their sound for the compilation CD 'OFF'.  The Ferrymen simply replied.." Hairier Than Bros, Balder Than Motorhead."

Number 4

The cartoons in number 5 were all from Wake Up zine. Blind Date, You've Been Conned and Indiana John and the Crock of Shit. For these we must give special thanks to Dave T (Womble)

Number 2

Number 3

The cartoon section in the zines included 'Matty The Menace' which was in the first one. This was a half true story about booting out the first bass player. No2 included 'Jono's Lunchbox' a piss take of Jono taking tuna sarnies to all the gigs and stinking out the van. No3 was 'Working Mens Club, Worse Than a Pub'  enough said.
No4 was 'Dick The Dick' a true story about a promoter and his bullshit.

Number 5